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This includes submitting Form DS-260, the immigrant visa, and alien registration application and submitting the required supporting documents. Prior to the interview, the applicant and all family members must complete medical examinations and receive all required vaccinations.

Once appropriate documentation has been submitted, the next step is an interview at the relevant U. Applicants also must pay the diversity visa lottery fee prior to the interview. The applicant and all family members immigrating with the applicant must attend the interview.

It's also important to remember that immigration policies are not static and subject to change.

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When you check your entry status on the E-DV (electronic diversity visa) website, you will receive a message letting you know if your entry has been selected for further processing for the diversity visa.

This is the message you will receive if your entry was not selected for further processing: If you receive this message, you were not selected for this year's green card lottery, but you always can try again next year.

International mail delivery delays of one month or more are normal.

KCC will not respond to questions they receive before August 1 regarding non-receipt of selectee letters. State Department grants a random number of applicants the opportunity to obtain a visa based on availability in each region or country, according to the State Department website.

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Applicants will be informed immediately after the interview if they have been approved or denied for a visa.

The statistics vary by country and region, but overall in 2015, less than 1 percent of applicants were selected for further processing.

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