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It's wearying." Adam Graham, 's credit that Schumer isn't listed as one of its writers: it means we can get back to thinking of her as a performer, decoupled just a little from the movie's bigger ideas, which are indisputably the least impressive thing about it." Richard Roeper, underdog she's played before.

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Even in those works where the above is not the case, the law likely is as prominent as it is at the behest of the first, as from a Doylist perspective, there are not a lot of other ways of resolving the Gender Bender situation that result in both a Happy Ending and don't violate the First Law of Gender-Bending.

Often used as an Ending Trope since invoking the second law typically resolves the gender-bent character's Fish out of Water status, though it may not eliminate all Different for Girls moments.

more Wall Of Me Guys love a woman who says yes -- until they're done doing whatever she said yes to... For example, a garden gnome could be an ideal partner -- because few women will fight you for your 18-inch "Man of Resin" and because his stubby little legs are molded together, making it impossible for him to run away... " is like that "forget about money; do what you love! And go right ahead with that career in lentil sculpture -- assuming you're looking forward to spending your golden years in a very nice retirement tent...

more Flee-Bitten When a guy just cuts you off like a bad tree limb, it's tempting to come up with ego-cushioning explanations: He's in a coma! more Whim Chill Factor Men can experience a sort of temporary amnesia in the moment, leading them to ask you for your number.

more Full Meddle Jackie It must be tempting to ask her: "Hey, wanna come over on Thursday night?

I'll do a stir-fry, and we can watch can do an hour on why my new haircut was a tragic mistake and how (for the fourth time! more Waity Issues Putting things off is a relief in the moment but usually costs you big-time in the long run -- like when you procrastinate in going to the dermatologist until the mole on your neck has a girlfriend and a dog...more Crime Of Compassion It's disappointing when a prospective relationship isn't working, but it's much worse when it just disappears. in Sumer, if you wanted to tell somebody you were "laughing out loud," you'd have to dispatch your eunuch across town with the message on a cuneiform tablet.Can you imagine coming home one day and your stove is just...gone? more Haunting Accident The widely believed myth that dreams are filled with meaningful symbolism is an unfortunate form of what I call Freud reflux -- the "I Dream of Penie" version of a questionable burrito that keeps repeating on you... Strangerlove It's possible for a woman to have an orgasm from hookup sex -- just as it's possible to spot a white rhino grazing on a roadway median in suburban Detroit... Okay, so the "tablets" are way more tricked out these days, but oh, how far we haven't come...A fictional character that gets his or her gender bent often becomes gradually accustomed to life as a new man or woman.Eventually they likely will experience an epiphany: that they are better off in their new gender than they ever were in their old one.Backbone To The Future You were never going to be the guy for those women who pictured themselves spending lazy summer afternoons in Martha's Vineyard (as opposed to Martha's Laundromat)...

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