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" Our evenings are very well structured, and we are there to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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When it comes to ergonomics, the roles are reversed.

Join Speed Date Philly as they kick off their series of speed dating events throughout the month of February.

Catering to some of Philadelphia's hottest goal oriented clientele, Speed Date Philly offers mind engaging, career driven singles; innovative opportunities to meet with like minded individuals.

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Years in the prepping, the music restorations on the soundtrack and companion Columbia/Legacy collections make vintage 78 rpm platters sound almost brand new.

Just remember, you are surrounded by 19 other people who are there to meet others through speed dating and, who are feeling just like you! Your event host will welcome you near the front door with a big smile and calming nature.

You will be given a package (Including your nametag, a voucher for a food or beverage item, your match card and pen.)You will then have the option to visit the food/drink service and mingle, if you like, for the few minutes before the evening commences.

With over 6 years success in the speed dating industry, Speed Date Philly recognizes the fruitless outcomes of the traditional bar pick up scene.

That's why they have chosen to host their events in some of the city's choicest upscale lounges, cafes, and restaurants.

Boasting the tightest give-and-take I’ve ever heard on such tunes as “Fire on the Mountain,” it’s clear the planets aligned that night.

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