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It needs to be updated regularly and must be enabled in your browser.

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Live streams like BT Sport can only be delivered in Flash, so if you are the BT Sport customer, you’ll want to keep the Flash Player.

In addition, a great number of gaming and education sites use Flash and until they implement the HTML5 standards, you’ll need the Flash Player.

Chrome is unable to move the file while SEP is still scanning the file.

If disk activity is high at the time SEP will lock the file and queue the file to be scanned shortly afterwards which extends the lock time.

Adobe Flash has caused many problems in the past, with critical vulnerabilities frequently being exposed and Adobe regularly being required to release security updates.

These security flaws have affected Flash on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Otherwise, downloading a false software package may harm your computer. Moreover, the whole process won’t take more than five minutes.

If Flash is not installed, which is by default on all new Macs, here’s a step-by-step guide to install it safely. Agree to terms and conditions by clicking a checkbox. Try it out to uninstall Flash Player on Mac completely. Follow the tips above and don’t let the tricky popups and websites take advantage of you.

This method is safer than running Flash as a plugin.

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