Dating for highly intelligent people

Rather, they look at what is positive in a situation and look for solutions to a problem.These people focus on what they are able to do and that which is within their control.

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Just because the guy is academically intelligent, it doesn’t automatically mean he will be socially or emotionally intelligent or know what it takes to be successful with women.

academically intelligent men don’t know how to be successful with women.

According to recent study, the Cacadu Parrots have 90% accurate bird’s skills.

A Parrot can mimic human words, understand the meanings, can remember many words and make sentences.

People with a lot of emotional intelligence don’t spend a lot of time listening to complainers and tend to avoid negative people.

They are aware negative people are an energy drain and are not willing to let others exhaust their vitality.

They play, solve problems, navigate through mazes and have a respectable short-term memory.

I started to get interested more about pigeons after watching Marlon Brando classic ‘On the Waterfront’.

If you’re an intelligent man who is usually smarter than most of the people you meet, it can be frustrating to realize that other guys with far less brain power than you seem to be fighting women off with a stick. Why isn’t your intelligence giving you a clear advantage when it comes to women?

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