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She included a letter which read: ‘If you are as appalled as I am by these images which these tramps post freely for the world to see, how safe are our children? Children might be seeing these images.‘What does this tell you about this school and how it is being run?

‘These women teach my children, but not for much longer.

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Recently, I asked a group of teachers to think objectively about themselves and their students; to think about what’s good, what’s difficult, and what feels impossible.

With that picture in mind I asked them: is our current reality acceptable?

Abysmal teacher pay was of course an issue, but WV educators stayed out on strike fighting rising healthcare costs and other issues, all the while making sure students missing school were fed and looked after.

Now educators in Oklahoma and Kentucky are walking out over per pupil funding and pension plans, respectively. By any measure of workplace dignity, NC is not very different from these red state upstarts. Despite repeated pleas for full funding, we continue to languish at 43rd in the nation for per pupil spending, but continuously cut taxes for the rich, cut government spending and refuse to spend available tax surpluses on programs that directly benefit children and families, namely public schools and healthcare.

‘I spoke to the school and they were aware of it and the head has spoken to the teachers and told them to be more careful,’ she said.‘The majority of people I have spoken to say it was not right that those sorts of pictures were up on Facebook.‘My children have left school now, but other young children on the estate have seen the pictures.’Four of the women have been named.

They are class teacher Victoria Courtis, Key Stage 2 manager Rebecca Gilbert, foundation manager Jenna Austin and deputy head Donna Christy. ’One parent claims that when he showed the images to head Kate Stuart he was told to ‘mind his own business’.

Our goal is to get real legislative action and commitments.

Currently every candidate in the 2018 NC state House and Senate races faces a challenger.

Over and over again, our NC legislature has chosen to cut taxes for those who can most afford it and cut public education funding and services for the most vulnerable.

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