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Recognizing that your date probably feels a lot of the same trepidation that you do has two big benefits.First, it makes you feel less like an outlier and more comfortable with the idea of meeting up with her—after all, at least you know you’ll have at least one thing in common.Instead of obsessing over what you’ll do to look and sound cool, think about ways you can make her feel comfortable instead.

Well then, that was an embarrassing over-share…) Unfortunately, I know that nervous feeling all too well.

According to Psych Central, about half of all people consider themselves shy, meaning there’s a good chance that you’re not the only one feeling nervous about your date.

Forget your manners If you eat like a slob, interrupt all the time when your date is telling you something, make racist jokes, be rude to the waiter, chuck grapes at your friend you’ve just spotted across the restaurant, stare at your phone waiting for the next Facebook post, turn up late, cut the date short because you’ve got another commitment or swear too much … You’ve got a small window of opportunity to create a good impression, so behave appropriately and considerately.

You can always reveal your dark side later when you’ve got your man well and truly hooked.

Most men will take a lack of conversation as a lack of interest, so work on your gift of the gab. If a man thinks you’re a little too hung up about the bloke who dumped you before him, you’ll be lucky if you get a second bite of that cherry. By all means knock back a few with gusto together if that’s what you both feel like doing, but getting too big a head-start just means the night will probably end early and you’ve blown your chance. Turning up in your paint-spattered dungarees after a morning’s renovations is not showing off your earthy side. Offer to split the bill, or to really show you are an independent woman pick up the tab yourself. What is an absolute 100 percent turn-off is a person who just sits there and expects the man to pay, and doesn’t even offer to contribute.

Talk about your ex-boyfriend/s You might think it’s something we want to hear, that your last lover was a jerk, but all that does is make us imagine you having sex with another man. Turn up plastered A girl once threw up in my lap in the back of a cab on a first date. If you agree to go on a date, be sure you are going somewhere you can afford.Then, once you’re lucky enough to secure the date, a whole new set of nerves kicks in. When I was younger, I would get really nervous before a first date, and start obsessing over details: “What am I going to wear? But the truth is that’s just our negativity bias getting the best of us. (Read on for much more on this.) Just thinking about it is almost enough to make your palms sweat, to say nothing of your pits. I didn’t go on a lot of dates when I was in college, so when I moved to the city and started going on real, grown-up dates in my early 20s, I was basically terrified. And more specifically, what might be thinking and feeling as she prepares for a first date.Or maybe it was just my general shyness kicking in, which often made it difficult to talk to people about anything.I’m not sure where this strange fear came from, but when I read the book in my early 20s, I became very aware of just how much it had held me back. After learning this lesson from Carnegie’s book, I started paying more attention to when compliments are paid and who gives them, and I noticed something that now seems so obvious, I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of it before.This might seem a strange confession, but I have to admit that for a long time I felt kind of uncomfortable paying people compliments.

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