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This article will cover mindfulness, its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, how it relates to yoga, and how it came to be popular in so many circles in the Western world.

Hinduism is widely considered to be the oldest extant religion in the world, but it is hard to define its history.

This is because it initially arose as a synthesis of many religious traditions around the historical region that now makes up India.

Of course, even the secular tradition of mindfulness in the West owes its roots to Eastern religion and even certain practitioners of Eastern religions.

This is where any discussion of the history of mindfulness should begin.

From the Bhagavad Gita’s discussions of yoga to Vedic meditation, the history of Hinduism reads in part like a history of mindfulness.

Of course, it is only a partial history, and another crucial player in the history of mindfulness is Buddhism. by Siddhartha Gautama, who was referred to as the Buddha from then on.About 1,500-2,500 years ago, more texts were composed which are now involved in present-day Hinduism, including texts introducing the concepts of dharma and temple worship.While these religious traditions continued to develop, they were already pretty recognizable as Hinduism by this time.In general, Buddhism is a religion (though sometimes considered to be a not-necessarily-religious philosophy) that aims to show its followers the path to enlightenment.Since The Buddha’s lifetime, it has split into several different traditions, including Theravada Buddhism and Zen Buddhism.But where did mindfulness come from, and why have so many people in the West recently become interested in it?

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