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Inspect equipment surfaces for breaks in integrity that would impair either cleaning or disinfection/sterilization.

Discard or repair equipment that no longer functions as intended or cannot be properly cleaned, and disinfected or sterilized.

Ensure that the detergents or enzymatic cleaners selected are compatible with the metals and other materials used in medical instruments.

Ensure that the rinse step is adequate for removing cleaning residues to levels that will not interfere with subsequent disinfection/sterilization processes.

Most EPA-registered hospital disinfectants have a label contact time of 10 minutes.

However, multiple scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of hospital disinfectants against pathogens with a contact time of at least 1 minute.

This guideline assesses the evidence regarding the maternal and fetal risks of varicella zoster virus (VZV) infection in pregnancy and whether these complications can be prevented or modified by the administration of varicella zoster immune globulin (VZIG) or by treatment with aciclovir.

, effective November 1, 2016, WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT ON NOVEMBER 1, 2017 as there were no new amendments promulgated by the Commission.

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Clean medical devices as soon as practical after use (e.g., at the point of use) because soiled materials become dried onto the instruments.

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