Herschede clock dating

At this time they began to call their clocks "Crown Hall Clocks" and adopted the familiar crown trademark.

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Coultre Atmos dating by serial # The serial number Hall Co Westminster Chimes Mantle Clock,. HERSCHEDE 5 TUBE MOON FACE GRANDFATHER CLOCK, Lot Number: – Answered by a verified Antique Expert. Manufacturing Company was sold to the Frank Herschede Company of.

Secondly, it is important to understand that there are very few people who can say they have significant experience with these large, somewhat complex tubular bell mechanisms.

Having recognized the popularity of this new method of producing the chime tones for large clocks he began to purchase and distribute clocks of this type.

After 1902 he began to produce the tubular bell chimes on his own and install them in Herschede clocks.

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During the 1970's Herschede began to suffer as most consumers were purchasing the lower cost clocks being made by Howard Miller, Ridgeway and Sligh.

Although these were fine clocks they could not compare to the quality of the Herschede product.

As a re- sult of seeing this plaque many people think that it is their specific clock that won that particular award. This plaque simply reminds the purchasers of these fine clocks that the company that made them was an award winning company.

The date on the plaque is also not reliable in dating their specific clock.

Quality control on Herschede repairs is essential to a proper repair.

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