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Ministers wanted the sentences to reflect the severity of the crime and its damaging consequences for victims.

Justice Minister Sam Gyimah said: “Stalkers torment their victims and can make everyday life almost unbearable.

All three defendants remain in custody at this time.

If the offence was racially or religiously aggravated, the most severe sanction will double from seven to 14 years.

Figures show that 194 people were convicted of stalking in England and Wales in 2015 and the average custodial sentence was just over a year at 14.1 months.

“We are doubling the maximum sentences available to the courts so these awful crimes can be properly punished.

“We are also working across the criminal justice system to ensure mental health issues associated with these crimes are properly addressed.” The maximum custodial sentence available to courts in England and Wales for stalking has now risen from five to ten years.

The three defendants named in the complaint are: All three men were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon in conjunction with the execution of federal search warrants across Orange County.

They were charged in federal court on Wednesday and made their initial court appearances on Wednesday afternoon.Claims need to be made within six years of when the harassment happened.The government has announced it wants stalkers to face longer jail terms to reflect the severity of the crime.Meaning: Fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid Classified under: Verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging Synonyms: deluge; flood; inundate; swamp Context examples: the basement was inundated after the storm / The images flooded his mind Hypernyms (to "inundate" is one way to...): fill; fill up; make full (make full, also in a metaphorical sense) Sentence frames: Somebody ----s something Somebody ----s something with something Meaning: Fill or cover completely, usually with water Classified under: Verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.TOUGHER sentences for stalkers have been rolled out in a drive for harsher punishments to reflect the severity of the crime.If they don't, it becomes a criminal offence as they have breached a court order.

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