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A few single-issue booklets of spanking photographs date back to Paris in the mid-1930s.

But the evolution of specialized spanking magazines as ongoing, stand-alone periodicals would take several decades to mature.

Purchasing this material was mainly an under-the-counter transaction at adult bookshops.

Published in Oxford, New Jersey with no publisher listed, the 48-page booklet measured inches (110 mm × 140 mm).

It offered a collection of corporal punishment letters and stories involving women being spanked, whipped, and birched.

But it is not until the period of the late 1960s to early '70s that stand-alone magazines on this subject began to appear. S., the foundation for spanking and other fetish periodicals was established by the first "girlie" magazines that emerged in the 1900s.

These offered risqué sex-related stories plus nude and semi-nude illustrations and photos.

It was illustrated with full-page half-tone illustrations of good printing and artistic quality: punished maids, bound and pilloried women, etc.

Plus ads for other girlie magazines Cheesegals and Pose.(It bears mentioning that the bondage lifestyle magazine that began in 1977 called London Life has no relation to the original.) In 2014 British retro singing group The Three Belles created a musical comedy revue directly inspired by the letters published in London Life called "London Life, The True Story of the Secret Kinks of World War Two".Campy promotional photos for the revue feature the girls dressed in 1940s costumes dominating and spanking each other and wearing a ball-gag.For example, a 1959 issue of Dominate covered girl-girl dominance, wrestling, spanking, human footstool training, and reproductions of punishment and discipline art from other magazines.But perhaps the most well-known early bondage/fetish magazine with spanking imagery is Bizarre (1946-1959), published in New York by artist John Willie.Earliest examples include: Snappy Stories (1912), The Parisienne (1915), followed by Saucy Stories, French Art Classics, and Artists and Models ("For Art Lovers and Art Students,") in the 1920s.

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