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However, what the Torah describes does exist for everyone to some degree.

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For example, women, who are more internal – and in a sense private – will usually find their direct connection to God most efficiently through private prayer.

Therefore Judaism encourages them to express this through regular daily private prayer, although of course they can pray in a synagogue if they prefer.

One would give based on his or her own needs, since the receiver would have the exact same needs.

To truly be a giver, the person must take into account what the receiver needs and not only what the giver wants.

Note that there is no word for "independence" in classical Hebrew.

(What we use now, atzma'ut, is of modern vintage.) The concept of independence doesn't exist in Jewish tradition.God wanted to fashion the human being into two separate people in order to create a healthy situation of dependence, yearning, and mutual giving.Human beings are not meant to be alone because then they would have no one to give to, no one to grow with, and nothing to strive for.Men are more external (we see evidence of this in the world at large also, in that men are more drawn to be part of a group or team.) This is part of the masculine spiritual makeup and explains why man's spiritual path is more related to public prayer.The Torah also describes the process of Eve's creation using the word vayiven, "God built." This word shares thes same Hebrew root as binah, meaning "insight" or understanding.While most of Judaism applies equally to men and women, including the central ideas of celebrating Shabbat and keeping kosher, not all commandments apply in the same way.

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