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Q: Why are you telling me about this offender and not all of the others being released from prison?Q: Does the Department of Corrections send out a "Special Bulletin Notification" for every sex offender released from prison?

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Q: What is the Victims' Bill of Rights and what does it say?

Q: What can a victim who is not being given these rights do about it?

He simply cannot just take her word for it.” Johnson Voted Against the Violence Against Women Act “In a statement Wednesday, GOP Sen.

Ron Johnson said he voted against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act because it contained “serious flaws,” including an “unconstitutional expansion of tribal authority.

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Q: What should parents tell their children about sex offenders?

Q: What happens when an offender gets off supervision? Q: What information are registrants required to report and what other information is kept in the registry? Q: How long does a sex offender remain on the registry? Q: What happens if a registrant fails or refuses to report information?

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