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Charity Guide Dogs has ran an emotional ad showing the importance canine helpers can make to the blind community with a video aping popular shows Blind Date and First Dates.

Creative agency Don’t Panic is looking to show the impact loneliness can have on some two million people with sight loss and raise money with the quirky video tying in with Guide Dogs Week which runs from 7-15 October.

Peter Emmett, head of community fundraising at Guide Dogs, said, “The First Blind Dates concept creates an authentic platform for our four guide dog owners to share their stories of living with sight loss and guide dog ownership with complete strangers.

We’re confident that it will inspire people all over the UK to Move it for Money and raise vital funds during Guide Dogs Week.”And Joe Wade, co-founder and managing director at Don’t Panic, added: “We wanted to create a film that told real people’s stories in an inherently engaging and compelling way.

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